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      1. EVAPPPCENISService
        TextileDaily ChemicalLeatherMetal ProcessingLotion & Painting
        NIS Star product
        • Textile
        • Daily Chemical
        • Leather
        • Metal Processing
        • Lotion & Painting
        Textile Overview

        With great wetting, penetrating, emulsifying, cleaning and dispersing abilities, Levima nonionic surfactants are characterized by excellent hard water stability and good formulation compatibility. It is safe, environmentally friendly and is free from alkyphenol ethoxylates (APEOs), allowing a wide range of applications for textile pretreatment, degreasing, leveling, emulsification, soaping processes, etc.

        Daily Chemical
        Daily Chemical Overview

        Levima nonionic surfactants are characterized by excellent cleaning, low-foaming, easy-rinsing, gel-free and easy-operating properties. They are safe, environmentally friendly and non-irritant, seen as the best option for low-foaming, concentrated laundry detergents formulations.

        Leather Overview

        Levima nonionic surfactants have satisfying penetrating, emulsifying and dispersing abilities, widely used in leather degreasing and greasing processes.

        Metal Processing
        Metal Processing Overview

        With satisfying degreasing and lubricating abilities, Levima nonionic surfactants are widely used in metal processing and cleaning processes as fully synthetic cutting fluid and degreasing agent.

        Lotion & Painting
        Lotion & Painting Overview

        With good emulsifying properties and good emulsion stability, Levima nonionic surfactants are widely used in the pretreatment and post-treatment processes of emulsions.